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(registered with the Writers Guild of Canada)

Caro Clement is a young sports journalist determined to uncover the truth behind the tabloid headlines. She returns to her hometown of Montreal to begin work on her latest assignment: an unauthorized celebrity biography of Lydia Jamieson, an all-American tennis champion in the twilight of her career. Lydia's unlikely marriage to bad-boy pop star Xander has made them darlings of the paparazzi wherever they go. But Caro's quest also takes her on a personal journey as she re-acquaints herself with old friends, an ex-lover and the city that shaped her beliefs.



(enregistré à la Sartec)

Après la mort de sa mère, Maryse apprend que Solange, sa mère biologique, s'est manifestée. Toutes deux armées d'angoisse, de doute et d'espoir, elles prennent la route pour couvrir la distance qui les sépare d'une première rencontre.

Un road-movie à deux voies.