C'est écrit...


“Folks, this is your captain – if you look down to the right of the aircraft, you’ll be able to see (garble-garble) as we fly over Missouri...”

Oh great, our captain is a freakin’ tour guide.

First, I froze my ass off in Wainwright. Then I froze my ass off in Kingston. Then in Valcartier. And then in Petawawa. I learned the invaluable lesson that anywhere across the land, your ass will freeze. (Although in Quebec, of course, it will freeze in a distinct manner.)

For the first time in my life, when I woke up this morning, I wiped tiny little icicles out of my eyes.

eRgo sum productions

I spent several years working with a crew producing recruiting videos for the Canadian Forces. ...And comedy ensued.

It's only words.  And words are all I have.