photo credit: Rachel De Grâce

Brigitte Nardella

B. Admin., Gr. Dip. Comm., M.Sc. Communications

eRgo sum productions

After completing my studies in business, film, and communications at Concordia University and Université de Montréal, I set out to change the world by making powerful, socially relevant movies and smart, edgy TV shows.

Unfortunately, the world had other ideas.

But I now have 20 years of experience as a freelance production manager, researcher, assistant-director and editor in the field of documentary, corporate, and educational video.

I also work as a copywriter, translator and proofreader. (I favour the Oxford comma where necessary, and yes - it's "favour", not "favor".)

If you explore this site, you'll find that I like to write and make fun videos with my friends.

I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about sports and pop culture, and as a proud Montrealer, I live, work, play and dream in both official languages.